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I Can't Believe It's Not CppUnit!

The LolUnit test framework

LolUnit came from a need for a lightweight unit test system. Our previous framework of choice was CppUnit, but we stopped using it because there was no practical way to pre-build it for all the platforms we support (Windows with various compilers, Android, iOS, PS3…). Also, we had to keep as many precompiled binaries as there were versions of libstdc++, multiplied by the number of possible configurations (debug, release…). This was very difficult to maintain.

Though we use it in production code, LolUnit’s overall quality should not be considered higher than proof of concept for now.

LolUnit offers the following features, which can also be seen as limitations if your requirements are very different from ours:

  • comes as a single .h header
  • does not require an external library, everything is in the .h
  • very resilient to user error: does not require any information duplication
  • works on embedded or gaming platforms: can be used without exceptions and/or RTTI
  • formats its standard text output in the same way as CppUnit

The currently most important limitation is the lack of support for exceptions.

Features will be added depending on internal use but also user requests.


The latest LolUnit release is lolunit-0.1.tar.gz.

LolUnit is distributed under the terms of the WTFPL.

You can also download the latest development version of <lol/unit.h> file, or see it directly in the repository browser.


See the LolUnit tutorial for an introduction on how to use LolUnit.

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